In the customs clearance segment, we are the interface between you and all the related authorities where we represent you. We use all the possibilities available to be able to support you in the best possible way by representing you as follows:

  • as a direct representative (= in your name and for your account) based on the stipulations of customs law according to the Union Customs Code (UCC)
  • as a data transmitter in the ATLAS procedure in IT-based matters
  • commercially as an external service provider in business process outsourcing (BPO) without direct outward visibility.

To represent you on the basis of customs law and in IT-based matters, we have an ATLAS-certified specialist application that covers all procedural areas. The BPO model uses both our IT applications and yours, and our internal organisation is solely oriented towards the market and your needs. With our divisions specialised in organisation and in specific fields for

  • breit gefächertes Spektrum an industriellen Unternehmen im eigenen Umfeld und innerhalb des Logistikkonzerns Schenker
  • a highly diverse range of industrial companies in our own field and within the Schenker logistics corporation
  • major clients with international corporate structures
  • special procedures (formerly customs procedures with economic impact)
  • all client-independent services,

we ensure transparency and market-driven structures.